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The Technological Advancements of the 90sThe Technological Advancements of the 90s

The Technology Boom of the 1990s

If a teen from today dropped into the ’90s, they’d be amazed at how much technology is involved in their daily lives. Texting, video chat and Facebook are all derived from the 1990s tech boom.

The first handheld PDA, this gadget was a revolution in mobile technology. It was tiny and could do a lot of stuff, from digital photos to calendar entries.

The Internet

When people talk about the ’90s, they usually mention Kurt Cobain and “The Simpsons.” But it’s hard to overstate how big an impact this decade had on technology.

Among the many new technologies, the Internet is perhaps the most important one. It allows computers to communicate with each other in ways that wouldn’t be possible if they were separate networks. It’s also made it easier for everyone to be online, and it has increased the amount of information available to anyone with access to a computer.

The Internet has two major components: network protocols and hardware. Protocols present sets of rules that devices must follow in order to communicate. The hardware consists of devices like routers and media (such as cables and radio links). It’s these that enable us to access the Internet from our computers and smartphones today. The Internet is a global communication system that has made the world a much smaller place.


The 1990s saw the evolution of communication technologies. From clunky, old-style telephony to a mobile phone that could be carried in your pocket and allow you to instantly contact anyone you wanted. It was also the decade when the ‘net went global.

The first text messaging service became available on mobile phones and the fax machine was superseded by e-mail. Automated teller machines were widely introduced, revolutionizing banking. The 1990s also saw the development of open source software. Linus Torvalds began his work on what would become the popular Linux operating system.

Key informants considered communications technologies to be important, but did not expect them to have the same transforming influence as other systems support technologies. Technologies that fall into this category include computer-mediated conferencing, on-line external library searching and data extraction and conversion software. They also include PBXs and calendaring/tickling software.


One of the most important innovations that came out of the ’90s was how we store information. Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau were able to connect hypertext with the internet, creating what is now known as the World Wide Web. From that, we now have everything from smartphones that can do more than just communicate with other people to web browsers and online content. Storage capabilities have also increased tremendously in recent years, going from floppy disks that could only hold 360 kilobytes to hard drives that can hold several terabytes worth of information. That’s a lot!

What are some other tech inventions that made a huge impact in the ’90s?

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